Carolina Cerezo Dávila (Málaga – Spain, September 1993). She completed studies of Music Theory (5 years) and Piano (10 years) in Málaga, Spain.

Then she got her Bachelor in Composition (2011-2015) at the Aragon Superior Conservatory of Music (CSMA) in Zaragoza, Spain, under the teaching of the composers José María Sánchez-Verdú, Juan José Eslava, Agustí Charles Soler and José Manuel López López; and also her Conducting Bachelor (2012-2016) in the same conservatory (CSMA), with professor Juan José Olives.

Currently she is part of the Theory Department at CSMA, teaching Music Analysis from XIXc. to New Music to Bachelor Students. She is also enrolled in a Master in Researching for the Arts in Catalonian Open University (UOC).

She has has assisted to seminars with Salvatore Sciarrino, Fabián Panisello, Polo Vallejo, Philippe Hurel, Alberto Posadas, Sofia Gubaidulina, Luis de Pablo, Mauricio Sotelo, Beat Furrer, Stefano Gervasoni and she received lessons from Brian Ferneyhough, Fabien Lévy, Oscar Biachi, Jöel Bons, Chaya Czernowin, Oliver Schneller, Martjin Padding, Simon Steen-Andersen, Philippe Manoury, Zygmunt Krauze or Yuval Shaked.

This month she’s in the middle of a project with Orchestre Symphonic Ose!, which is going to premiere her piece ‘Champ vide’ in Geneva’s Archipel Festival as part of Archipel Academy for young composers. Last September she was in Luxembourg working with Lucilin Ensemble and composers Isabel Mundry and Marcel Reuter, and previous August she was in Radziejowice, Poland, as a composer in Synthetis International Summer Course with Martjin Padding, Simon Steen-Adersen, Zhou Long and Philippe Manoury. In 2013 she was awarded with a full scholarship for taking part in the Composition session ‘Voix Nouvelles’ in Royaumont Foundation, France, with Bryan Ferneyhoug, Fabién Levy and Oscar Bianchi. Last Darmstadt Ferien-Kurse für Neue Musik (2014) she attended lessons with Oliver Schneller, Yuval Shaked and Brian Ferneyhough.

One of her main collaborations has been with Atlas Ensemble: she has participated in Atlas Academy 2012, when she composed her piece ‘Abstractions’, and 2014, when she composed ‘Time is not divided’ for large ensemble. She was also commissioned by the Ensemble to write ‘No fear’, to be premiered in June 2013 in SonUTopias Campusculturae, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in a collaboration with Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. This piece was played again in Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ in December 2013.

She was chosen to participate in the international tour of the Plural Ensemble in 2012 with her work “Formas, texturas”, that was interpreted in Seville, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Mexico. Has composed an scene of the Chamber Opera “Resucita Loto”, that was premiered in Zaragoza in March the 19th, based in Ginés Liébana’s eponymus libretto and composed among all the composers currently studying in the CSMA.

Another collaborative work was a commission from OCAZ Enigma and Juan José Olives among other young Spanish composers to write a part of ‘Noche Oscura’ for narrator and ensemble, based in San Juan de la Cruz eponymous poem. Also as a OCAZ Enigma commission she wrote in 2014 her piece ‘Quebranto III: Colores Primarios’.

As a conductor, recently she has started to attend courses with George Pehlivanian in Madrid CSKG.